Botox Microinfusion Facial Treatment, Benefits, Side Effects

Botox Microinfusion Facial Procedure, Benefits, Side Effects

Complete Guide To a Botox Microinfusion Facial

Botox Microinfusion Facial is a relatively new cosmetic treatment that combines small amounts of Botox, hyaluronic acid, proprietary Vitamin C and Peptides to improve the appearance of the skin, creating a smooth texture, reducing pore size, facial redness and tiny fine lines.

This facial treatment, also known as a “skin smoothie,” is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment and skin tone rejuvenation method involving injecting tiny amounts of Botox with 24k gold plated needles and applying special serums mentioned, which can result in a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

In contrast, deep Botox injections treat facial muscles such as deep frowns and forehead lines, crows feet, TMJ migraines and neck bands. Botox microinfusion facial does not relax and freeze muscles like Botox injected deeper.

Here we dive deeper into the Botox Microinfusion Facial procedure, its benefits and side effects.

How Is The Botox Microinfusion Facial Performed?

The Botox Microinfusion Facial should be performed by a trained professional, such as a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or a medspa with medical professionals.

The procedure usually takes around twenty minutes to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area and the number of mini-injections needed.

Before the procedure, the medical professional will typically clean and prepare the skin. A topical numbing cream may be applied to help minimize any discomfort during the process.

Skin-targeted serums will be stamped into the superficial layers of the skin with 24k gold-plated needles. The tiny injections are typically spaced out evenly across the treatment area. The depth and amount of product injected can be adjusted depending on the patient’s needs and desired results.

Treatment can be repeated every four to six weeks. Five to six treatments, three to four weeks apart, are recommended initially, with the maintenance done twice a year.

Botox Microinfusion Facial Procedure, Benefits, Side Effects

Benefits of a Botox Microinfusion Facial

  • After initial treatments, maintenance can be done about two times per year.
  • The direct effect of tiny needle punctures improves the texture of the skin.
  • Specialized serums are delivered through channels in tiny needles that improve skin quality.
  • Targets the exact depth of skin desired, enabling serums to be placed precisely in the selected layers of the skin where sweat glands, pores and skin integrity are.
  • Tiny injections into the superficial layers improve contract pores and small fine lines and decrease oil production, sweating and redness.
  • Comfortable procedure where anesthesia and numbing are not needed; however, it is always available.
  • Patients generally can return to their daily activities right after treatment.
  • Results will typically show around day five.

Side Effects of a Botox Microinfusion Facial

  • You may experience a minor tingling sensation during the treatment.
  • Your face may immediately look flushed but will fade shortly after. It is similar to flushing from a sauna and steam room.
  • The face may feel tight with a noticeable sheen.

Learn More To See If a Botox Microinfusion Facial is Right For You

Many of the patients at Arria MedSpa love this therapy and its replacement for other facials. Contact us to learn more. We can discuss all of our facial treatments so you can decide what is best for you. We will also take a deep look at your face and offer suggestions. Our beautiful, clean, comforting Arria MedSpa is in Montclair, New Jersey.


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