A New Type of Sun Protection

Our mission is to keep you looking your absolute BEST! We have plenty of tools and procedures to repair and reverse damage but we strongly believe that sun protection is still the best way to keep your skin as young and healthy as possible.

Here are some quick facts:

  • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US
  • More than 90% of skin cancers are caused by sun exposure
  • People with a family history of skin cancer are at an increased risk

And don’t get me started on the premature aging it causes!

It’s not just for days at the beach

Most people are well aware of the dangers of being out on the beach or by the pool without sunscreen. That is a good thing. But did you know that you should be wearing sunscreen every day, not just at the beach?

What to wear on non-beach days

Glistening skin might look great with a bathing suit at the pool or beach, but what about days when you are heading to work?

There are now new sunscreen formulations that are specially designed for wearing every day! They combine mineral sunscreens in a POWDER form to give you a clean, matte finish as they protect your skin. They actually absorb excess oil (goodbye oily T zone!) and help maintain skin hydration, making them a great secret weapon for staying beautiful no matter how hot it gets.


Yes, it is a new and different way to think about sun protection. And, no, it is not for those days at the beach or poolside (unless of course, you want to look finished and fabulous). But if you like a clean, matte make-up look at work, while still protecting your skin, this is for you!

Full Spectrum Protection

Some of the better brands even include fractionated melanin that protects your skin from the blue light produced by electronics!

As if staring at a screen all day wasn’t bad enough, we are now learning that those wavelengths of blue light can also cause hyperpigmentation of the skin and premature skin aging.

You have probably heard about how you should be protecting your eyes from this type of light but now we have products to protect your skin as well!

Who Needs This?

How many of you never reapply your sunscreen during the day because it will mess up your make-up? Stripping everything off to re-apply lotion just isn’t very practical.

This is where the powder-based sunscreens shine! Well, actually, they leave you with a clean, matte glow, but you get what I mean.

Wait, How Does This Work?

These powder-based products are designed to be used like finishing powder.

Apply your lotion-based sunscreen in the morning, under your make-up, and then apply the powder over your make-up to set it and protect yourself.

Re-apply the powder, throughout the day, as needed. It gives you a soft glow as it protects you!

We’ve got you covered

As skin care specialists, we carry a wide selection of sunscreens that protect you, no matter what your skin type. We now also carry the award-winning ZO Skin Health brand Sunscreen + Powder Broad-Spectrum SPF 45.

Not only do we love the ZO formulations for being so fabulous for your skin but this is one of the few lines with that fractionated melanin – to protect your skin from blue light as well!

Awards? Which awards?

The ZO Sunscreen + Powder Broad-Spectrum product was listed as one of Women’s Health’s 12 Best Powder Sunscreens for 2022 and it made Cosmopolitan’s 15 Best Powder Sunscreens list as well!

For a limited time, we are offering 25% off this award-winning sunscreen. Just mention that you saw this blog post (or tell us that you are looking for Blue Light protection!) to receive the discount!

Call 973.233.1933 or come in to check out our selection of sunscreens and see how beautiful you can look while protecting your skin!


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