Moxi Laser vs. BBL: How about a Combo?

Moxi Laser vs. BBL: How about a Combo?

Complete Guide To Moxi Laser vs. BBL

Around 26% of people have experienced skin problems that negatively affect their mental health. People suffer from all sorts of skin problems; some are more persistent and long-lasting than others. When it comes to specific problems that affect the color or texture of your skin, you might be wondering what you can do to fix them.

You might want to think about MOXI laser vs. BBL treatments. Laser skin care has become more popular than ever in recent years, and this type of treatment has shown to be quite effective. But is MOXI laser skin rejuvenation better than BBL or vice versa?

Can you get both at the same time? Keep reading and learn more about the different treatments below.

MOXI Laser vs. BBL

The main thing that you should know is both of these laser treatments function to treat a wide variety of different skin conditions. The most common conditions they treat are age spots, acne scars, sun damage, small and broken blood vessels, and more. The primary purpose of these lasers is to smooth out your skin so that it looks healthier and more even.

But what is the difference between these two laser options? MOXI is a fractionated wavelength laser and a relatively new option. On the other hand, BBL is a broadband light that is technically a bit different than an actual laser.

It uses broad-spectrum heat and light to do its job. You should also know that these two treatments do slightly different things to the skin. However, we will explore these differences later on.

Can You Do MOXI and BBL at the Same Time?

In short, yes, you can do both of these treatments simultaneously. But why would you bother? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to choose one treatment and get it out of the way?

What is the benefit of doing both of these treatments? The main reason that using both of these treatments is such a good idea is that they can simultaneously treat various issues on your skin. That way, you can get double the treatment in only one step.

This will make the entire process much simpler and faster for you, and your results will be especially significant. Many like their results better when they get both treatments rather than just one.

What Are MOXI and BBL?

The great thing about these treatments is that they are both non-invasive. This means that they do not involve surgery, and, as a result, the downtime is relatively minimal and nowhere near as intensive as surgery. This is one of the many reasons why many people are starting to turn to laser treatments and similar treatment options.

MOXI, in particular, is very mild and doesn’t even require an anesthetic. More than that, it can be done quickly, and there is no downtime. Many people can get this facial done during their lunch break and return to work without problems.

BBL treatments are similar and only last around 30 minutes. BBL treatments tend to produce some discomfort due to the heat of the broadband light, but you should be provided with a numbing cream for your skin beforehand to help with that. BBL, in general, is not quite as gentle as MOXI and most people who get BBL treatments tend to develop red and slightly tender skin after the procedure.

Even so, BBL treatments are excellent and very efficient.

BBL and MOXI Laser Treatment

You should know that BBL and MOXI laser treatments are each designed to address different skin issues. For example, BBL treatments are designed to treat issues that have to do with the pigmentation of your skin. This involves hyperpigmentation, age spots, rosacea, and various signs of aging, such as sagging skin and wrinkles.

This treatment can even help with acne to a certain extent. It is also suitable for hyperpigmentation that may occur after a pimple disappears. MOXI, on the other hand, is better for treating problems with skin texture rather than pigmentation.

It is excellent for treating pits and uneven texture in the skin resulting from old acne scars. Similarly, you can use it to treat fine lines and wrinkles.


Because these two treatments are designed to treat different skin issues, it only makes sense to combine them. Doing this will allow you to address issues that affect not only your skin’s texture but also its pigmentation.

BBL MOXI Treatment

Getting these treatments done at once will save you time and give you more noticeable results. However, you should expect your face to be quite sensitive after the procedure.

For that reason, you’ll want to be extra careful with your skin and be sure to stay out of direct sunlight, especially if you don’t have sunscreen on hand.

MOXI Laser vs. BBL

Regarding MOXI laser vs. BBL, you should know that these are both outstanding options for rejuvenating your skin in different ways. BBL is ideal for treating problems that have to do with skin pigmentation. MOXI, on the other hand, is better for treating issues with skin texture.

By combining them, you can treat both at once. To learn more about it, click here. And contact Arria MedSpa to set up a consultation.

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