Bridal Services

Let Us Get You Ready For Your Big Day!

to lift, smooth and stimulate collagen. Not just for your face but also your décolleté, abdomen, elbows, knees and/or buttocks. Fill out your wedding gown in all the right places!

to soften lines, smooth the appearance and get you ready for those close-ups.

to contour your body and treat those areas that aren’t responding to exercise!

to minimize fine lines, re-surface, and tighten skin. Our signature treatments will also stimulate collagen growth so the benefits last way beyond the honeymoon!

can also repair spider veins and remove tattoos (in case you want to wipe away any remnants of your or your finance’s past)

can address hair loss and increase growth. Our specialized topical formulas are double the strength and efficacy of traditional and over the counter treatments.

We offer skin treatments to address acne, exfoliate and re-surface, boost collagen or just make you more radiant!

Consider Botox injections so you aren’t sweating on your special day. Ditto for the fiancé so he isn’t sweating through that tux!

Come in for a consultation to figure out how far before your big day we should schedule the various procedures.

And of course, if you have time, now might be the time to refine your nose, pin your ears or get that facelift you have always dreamed of!

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If you are unable to find an appointment via online scheduling, please call (973) 360-8486.